Key facts

18 countries R&D Tax credit description

Public funds from 5 countries + European Commission

Over 4,000 funding opportunities

Instant search based on organization type, activity, country, type of funding.

New International Funding Map service

In an increasingly global business world, ABGi was in need of a representative tool. For over a year we’ve been working on a way to visualise the different types of funding available around the world.

ABGi is launching the first version of the International Funding Map service. This instrument is the result of a collaborative project led by France and Brazil involving all of ABGi’s international offices.

Accessible in SAAS mode, the Funding Map allows a multi-criteria search for public funding programmes offered by Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the European Commission. You can test the search engine in a limited version. For full access, please contact the sales teams of ABGi’s international offices.

The Funding Map will help strengthen your position as a global player. It will facilitate development and investment in a globalised world.

Mid 2024, the Funding Map will be enhanced with additional features and extension of the database to more countries.

What are the sources of external resources?

The International Funding Map combines Funding intruments and Tax credits systems from public and private sources.

How do I know if my project has external funding potential?

The most likely projects to be funded are those that deliver new products or processes, or even incremental improvements to existing solutions. Sustainability and social impact are a plus.

Who could help me find out more about a particular funding opportunity?

To improve your projects’ suitability for different funding sources, do not hesitate to contact our teams. they are dedicated to identifying and qualifying funding opportunities around the world.

Equity Image

Dilutive funding, Private (or public) equity is a form of capital investment where an investor or investment fund uses capital to buy shares in a company.

scholarships Image
Human resources, scholarships

Scholarships for advanced studies in universities, scientific-technical institutions, but also in industry and private organisations. The aim of this type of funding is to promote the professional quality of technicians in a business/ industrial environment.

Grant Image
Grant or Subsidy

Direct financial contributions for specific activities that support the policy Direct financial contributions to specific activities / projects supporting the Government’s policy objectives.

Loans Image

Money borrowed, often from a bank, that has to be paid back usually along with an additional amount of money you have to pay as a charge for borrowing.

Refundable Image
Refundable under conditions, on success

Non-dilutive public funding, equivalent to a grant if the project fails, equivalent to an interest-free loan if the project succeeds.

Tax Image
Tax credit

Amount of money taxpayers can deduct from their income tax liability